Hi guys ! I thought I should write a blog on my favourite sport so you get to know what it is ! My favourite sport is football . I once saw a boy playing football , I was amazed to see his tricks and got inspired by him . From that day i started learning football . You know how I started learning football , I didn’t go to any classes ,I learned football by playing with my friends and practiced everyday . Every night we used to have a match between girls and boys . I have many favourite sports but this is my most favourite sport .I hope you enjoyed this blog and  guess who is my favourite player  MESSI or RONALDO .IMG20190419123812


Pet Adoption Drive

three dogs playing on gray concrete pavement in selective focus photography

Hey Guys, I am really excited to be back and hope to be regular now onwards. I wrote this blog few days back but could not upload it. This is about my recent visit to a dog and cat adoption drive. I like dogs and cats and really love playing with them. Since, I am not allowed to keep a pet at home i love visiting dog adoption camp or drives. I visited one with my Dad last month at Bandra. Dogs are really friendly and loyal. It took us a lot of time to reach the venue . There were about 30 dogs and cats and i totally loved playing with them. When i reached I saw so many people adopting them and i also felt like adopting one. Both my father and I wanted to adopt one but my mom and grandparents do not like pets. Since, we reached late i could spend only 20 minutes and did not even adopt one pet. I wish i had more time to spend there. 


Goa Trip with my friends

I went to Goa with my friends Tammy and Siddharth  along with our parents. We drove down to Goa and reached there on 20th Dec morning. We stayed in a spacious 3 BHK apartment near Calangute beach. We were tired after a long  journey and we all got freshned up and went off to sleep. After we woke up we went to Calangute beach for Dinner and some beach fun. We made castles and played in sand. When we came back to our Apartment we played games and slept very late in the night. As soon as we woke up next day ,we went to the Calangute beach and had amazing time in water with my friends and my father. We changed our clothes and went for Breakfast to Infantria a café for scrumptious breakfast. I had chocolate pancake but it was a very thin pancake which i didn’t like much but hot chocolate was very yum. Others enjoyed different preparations of omlette, pancakes and rolls. All of us were very excited to get a tattoo done, all the kids got temporary tattoos done . I loved my Khalsa sign tattoo. Sid got skull tattoo done on his arm and Tamanna got a live love laugh tattoo done on her back. Priya aunty got a tattoo done on her hand and my mom got a running girl tattoo on her calf. I loved all the tattoos.  My father also got a tattoo made of Trishul on his arm. We went to a very famous eating joint Fisherman’s Cove for dinner. The place was very lively and they were playing live music. At night we enjoyed pillow fight and played UNO and Housie . The next day we went to Mcdonals I ate burger, French fries and chocolate milkshake. A. Then we went to Baga beach for water sports . I enjoyed Jet ski and  I was not scared at all. We came back got ready immediately and went to Thalassa. There we saw some lovely live performances. It was an awesome experience. For dinner, we went to Calamri Fine Dine Restaurant at Candolim beach and after food we all went to the beach and danced on the beach. Next morning, We packed our bags and checked out from the apartment.  Then we had South Indian breakfast  and did some shopping. We decided to go to Tarkali for some delicious malwani food and also to do some more water sports. All the kids enjoyed camel ride and we did parasailing also. The best thing about the whole trip was parasailing. We spent some time on the beach and restarted our journey to Mumbai. We reached back early morning and most of the times I was sleeping in the car.

Trek to Lohgad Fort

Hi friends ! Yesterday morning I was so excited because we were going for trekking to Lohgad .It was Ankit uncle’s birthday and Priya aunty had planned a surprise for him. We decided to meet at Oberoi mall at 5:00 am and then we  stopped  at McDonalds to have breakfast and we ate hash brown, cake with choco chips and egg burger . Then we resumed our journey to Lohgad. Upon reaching there, we met our guide Anuj uncle, he is studying Mechanical Engineering  from Pune university and on weekends he works part – time as a trekking guide. While we kids were playing with dogs, Our parents had tea and poha before starting the trek. The trek was 8 kms long and on the way we saw cocoon and beautiful butterflies. We walked more than 5 kms through roads and trails and were very tired and sat on the road.  We saw some bikers on the way and they offered us lift. All the kids and Khyati aunty immediately accepted their offer as we were very tired. I enjoyed the ride on Harley Davidson… it was so cool to sit on that bike. They dropped us to the base of the Fort. There was a lovely garden there and we immediately started playing.  After sometime, our parents reached and we started climbing the stairs to the fort. There were monkeys on the stairs. It took us 20 mins to reach on top of the fort. My friend Tammy was so tired and didn’t want to climb at all , we dragged he to the top. One monkey snatched my Sofit pack and I started crying. It was a very beautiful view from the top and we clicked lot of pictures. On our way back we had Maharashtrian food which was very spicy. Later, we arranged for a car because it was raining heavily. On our way back, we enjoyed under the waterfall. I slipped down and got hurt too. We changed our clothes and started our journey back to home. On our way back,I played games and slept for some time. Overall, the trip was awesome.



My Best Friends Birthday Party

It was my best friends Tammy’s surprise birthday party this Saturday. It was the screening of the movie Moana. It was a wonderful movie with beautiful animation. The main characters were Moana, Maui and Moana’s grandma. Moana was a very kind, sweet, brave and strong girl. She was the daughter of the chief of the Island Motunui. She wanted to save the Island and its people by restoring the heart of Te FItti. When she discovers that her ancestors were voyagers , she sets into a  sea journey to find Maui who had stolen the magical stone. Maui was a Demigod. He was very funny and he had dancing tattoos all over his body and he lived in that island for I,ooo years .Moand and Maui  showed lot of bravery faced many obstacles and finally and restored the heart of Te FittI. In the movie interval ,we had birthday celebrations by cutting  the birthday cake and eating sandwiches. It was Moana’s themed cake.  The movie was very interesting with very funny characters like chicken Heihei  and Maui. It’s a musical movie with lovely songs and my favourite being “You are welcome”.  I had lots of fun watching movie with my friends. Moana is my role model as she was very intelligent, brave and courageous. Thanks Tammy for the party and movie. I had a good time.

Motu Patlu

I went to watch movie MOTU PATLU with my friend Renesh, his mother Raveena aunty and my mother. It is a 3D animation movie with lot of hilarious scenes. The story was about Gudu – the vegetarian lion. It was funny to watch a lion eat carrots.  He was a circus lion and he used to get scared even from a small mouse. Gudu befriended Motu and Patlu. Motu used to drag Gudu with his ears and did bum chichki with him. Motu loved samosas and would eat 20 samosas in one go. Motu was very brave and Patlu was intelligent and always comes up with good ideas and together they were a good team. Though Narsimha was a villan in the movie, he always thought of him as a Hero and spoke a very funny dialogue  something like “HA HA HA  Hum Hero hain “. He wanted gold from the goldmines of the jungle and was destroying jungle and killing all animals of the Jungle. Simha, the lion king of the forest died while fighting with Narsimha. Motu promised Simha that he will save the jungle from Narsimha. Motu and Patlu saved the jungle with the help of Gudu and all animals. It  was so nice to see how all animals formed an army and fought with Narmisha and his team. The funniest characters in the movie were Motu, Patlu and Gudu . Narsimha took help of Avishkar singh, the scientist who made dogthers (animal with a combination of Dog and Panther) and another scary animal. Overall it was a great movie outing. I enjoyed Popcorns and Nachos while watching the movie. It was the funniest movie I have seen after such a long time.  After that I went to my Renesh’s house and I played with his puppy Rio. It was an awesome day .

Movie date with my father !!

I was so excited to watch the movie ANGRY BIRDS  because I love to play angry birds game.  I watched the movie at Inorbit mall. I went to watch the  movie only with my father because my mother went for a birthday party and she missed such an awesome movie. It was a very interesting movie about three happy birds – “Red”, “Bomb” and “Chuck”.  “Red” as the name suggests is red colour, “Bomb” was black and “Chuck” was yellow color. I was amazed to see the green pigs because i have never seen green pigs in my life. My favorite character in the movie was “Red” because red is my favorite colour. During the interval my father got me yummy chocolate ice cream  and my father ate caramel and salted popcorn. I am waiting to watch the sequel of this interesting movie.  After the movie got over, we went to pick up my mom and we went back home. Waiting for next movie date with my father!!